domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Session 6-Homework

Imagine you are selected to play in the most famous football team. Write a letter to your best friend, who is living in Canada, and tell him this beautiful surprise. Try to follow the following scheme:

Blue: Beginning of the letter (date, greetings, introduction to the news)
Red: Main information (Explanation of the news)
Green: Say goodbye

Barcelona, 16 May 2010

Dear Tom,

How are you? I hope everything is going well!

Do you remember my sister Anna? She is married with Marc and currently they are living in Vic. They are really happy there because they think it is a good city to raise a child.

I am writing you because she is pregnant and I am so happy that I want to tell everybody.

I hope you can visit me when the child is born and meet him or her.

Do not forget to send me a letter and tell me what you are doing right now. Are you still playing basketball in your highschool team? Are you winning many matches? I hope so!

I hope to see you soon



Try to use the following ideas:

- Your favourite team is interested in you.
- You have to move to a different city (London, for example)
- You are going to miss many things (family, friends)

Please publish your letter as a comment in this entry.

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