domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Session 4-Homework

Now it is your turn to write your own story. Here you have 5 or 6 key words and the instructions:

1. Your story must have at least 3 parts with two options in each part.

2. Your key words are: Princess, witch, prince, dragon, kingdom.

3. Remember your story has to have a beginning and an end. For example: "My name is Marc, and I am a prince of a kingdom long, long away. I am walking through the forest and I see a princess screaming at the top of a tower. The door is closed. What can I do? a. I try to find a key around the tower. b. I see a house in the nearby and knock on the door to see if there is someone inside."

Now it is your turn to continue this story!! Good luck!!

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