jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Session 2-Homework

Take this easy exercises to see if you are able to relate Maths with English. :) We will comment your experience next class!!

Little Red Cap

Little Red Cap is taking some fruit to her grandmother. In her basket there are 10 apples, 4 pairs, a bunch of grapes containing 20 grapes and 5 oranges.

  1. If the grandmother only eats 2/3 of the fruit, how many pieces of fruit left? _________________________
  2. If the next day, she eats 1/3 of the left fruit, how many pieces of fruit left? _________________________

As her grandmother is ill, Little Red Cap has to wash her clothes. Taking into account that her grandmother uses a pair of trousers everyday, one t-shirt, a jacket and a pair of socks and she hasn’t wash any clothes for 3 days...

  1. how many clothes has Little Red Cap to wash? _______________________

After the visit, the grandmother give Little Red Cup some fruit cakes to take home. If a cake is made of 3 cups of flour, 6 eggs, 100 gr. of red fruits, 20 gr. of butter and 70 gr. of sugar.

1. How many ingredients will she need to make 4 cakes?

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010


Hi everyone! How is going your evening? I hope you are enjoying and resting after a hard day of classes!! :-)

Now it's time to watch a video. Pay attention to the instructions. Please answer as comment in the blog.

Remember you have to do two things:

1. Answer the question: What are they doing?
2. Tell me what you are doing at the moment.

Thanks and regards,


SESSION 1- Homework: Create your own quizz!!!

Good evening. How are you? I hope you are doing well! :)

Here you can find 1o celebrities. You have to choose one of them and create your own quizz. Think you have to show this quizz to your partners, so try to be clear and simple. You have to write, at least, 5 different phrases:

1. Shakira

2. Mark Owen

3. Hanna Montana

4. Liam Gallagher

5. Toni Blair

6. David Beckham

7. Lady Gaga

8. Kobe Bryant

9. Michael Jordan

10. Rafa Nadal

martes, 13 de abril de 2010


Hi everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your evening.

Could you please make a comment in this entry, so that I know everything is working correctly?

Thanks and regards,